5 top tips for moving house at Christmas.

01 December 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say… but what if you are moving home over the festive period?

Now you are dealing with two major stress points! So, here are our top tips for a successful move this December.

  1. Book your removal arrangements well in advance.
    Whether you are booking a removal firm or a van to move, start your research early. Are they working over the holiday? Do they have availability? Then as soon as you have your moving date confirmed, make that booking!

  2. Set up a mail redirection.
    Save yourself the stress of telling all and sundry you are moving. Set up a mail re-direction even if it’s for three months until the dust settles. If you are sending Christmas cards, let people know your new address in the card ready for next year. All the info you need to set up a mail redirection is here https://www.royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/redirection.

  3. Baby, it’s cold outside!
    You don’t have to be Michael Fish to know the weather in December can be bad, and it will be dark at around 4 pm. Take advantage of daylight hours to pack and tidy all your outdoor items; furniture; plant in pots; the rotary washing line. Remember to have a warm coat and some sturdy shoes at hand, it could be snowing on moving day!

  4. Don’t get ‘hangry’!
    You’ll be so preoccupied with the move that by the time you sit down to relax in your new home you’ll realise you haven’t eaten all day! Plan ahead. Find out if there’s a local takeaway or ask family or friends to provide a homecooked meal for a moving day treat.

  5. Deck the halls!
    If your move is very close to the big day, it’s going to be a good idea to do all your Christmas wrapping in advance. Pack up all the wrapped gifts and the Christmas decorations in clearly marked boxes so you can drop everything and get on with the festivities.

Finally, stay cool and be patient. It’s not the best time of year to move but it will be worth all the added stress when you are enjoying your new home.

Christmas is all about making memories, and we can guarantee this is one Christmas you’ll never forget!